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Mitch Ensby

Employment Consultant

A Leap of Faith: How Mitch Ensby’s Chance Encounter Propelled Him Into a Career With Purpose

If you’re unsure how to navigate the path to employment, Mitch Ensby is the person you want to be your guide. A genuine believer in the power of job support and vocational training, Mitch is the Employment Consultant behind so many of our success stories at Community Solutions. With the backing of a supportive team and the encouragement to be his authentic self, here’s why Mitch believes our organisation is like no other.

Fate steps in

Mitch Ensby started his career in employment services a little differently from most. After leaving school in northern New South Wales, a role in the industry wasn’t on his radar. Instead, Mitch found himself working in a factory - and by some stroke of luck, he was introduced to two young men who changed his path.

“They were completing a traineeship and apprenticeship program through a disability employment agency at the factory,” Mitch says. “I just loved helping them and watching them grow over the two years I worked with them. They went from never having a job before to being active team members in the workplace.”

Inspired by the positive influence the right employment had on their wellbeing, Mitch took a chance and accepted his first position in the industry in 2017. He still fondly remembers how his workmates at the factory were given a new lease on life.

“It was really cool to see the impact it had, not only workwise but on their personal lives, too. They were able to develop as workers and people, and create relationships that set them up for success.”

Mitch first worked in disability services before joining the jobactive team at Community Solutions in 2021. As an Employment Consultant, he speaks to several customers each day who are in different stages of their job hunting journey. A big believer in the difference Community Solutions makes, Mitch is dedicated to giving our customers the confidence to thrive -and breaks down barriers while he’s at it.

“Just because you didn’t finish school or you have challenges, it doesn’t mean you can’t land a great role. With the right support and hard work, you can do anything.”

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An authentic insight

To hit the ground running at Community Solutions, Mitch says you need to be a people person. A day never goes by without him chatting to customers or his supportive team. Building strong relationships with customers is an integral part of the role.

“You’re not just coming in with the mindset of ‘I need to get people jobs’,” Mitch says. “I make sure I’m doing the best I can so my clients can always reach their full potential. It’s about understanding them and uncovering what their dream job is so we can help them through each step.”

Mitch also recommends being prepared to engage with customers from all walks of life.

“A big part of it is helping to motivate your customers to put themselves out there, from different ages and backgrounds. I’m talking to people who are 16 all the way to 66. You have to adapt to each customer, and that’s something that surprised me when I came into the industry.”

Mitch is inspired by every person he supports, but one customer in particular truly brought home the power of what we do.

“One of our customers was a single mum who was very unsure about whether she could get back into working after having kids. Now, she’s meeting all her requirements and working for herself. Hearing stories like that shows we actually do make a difference.”

Freedom to thrive

If you meet Mitch on the job, you’ll see him as a committed and caring Employment Consultant. But on the weekends, he’s a successful photographer and videographer! Whether he’s shooting weddings or campaigns for clothing brands, Mitch loves strengthening his creative muscles. And thanks to the flexibility of his role, he can be his authentic self inside and outside of work.

“Community Solutions wants you to have that work-life balance,” Mitch says. “There’s a lot of care. Even when it comes to mental health, my managers always check in to see how my day is. It can be a challenging industry, so it’s great to know they’re there.”

When asked if he would recommend Community Solutions to the right person, Mitch jumped at the chance to advocate for the organisation. And we’re so grateful for all Mitch does in working with our customers on their pathway to possibilities.

“It is a very rewarding job,” Mitch says. “If you’re willing to come in with an open mind and ready to learn, Community Solutions will back you.”

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